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Getting ready for winter – what will be fashionable in the new season 2023-2024

Winter 2023-24 promises to be vibrant and rich, not only due to snowfall but also thanks to the fashion trends presented by the designers of our collection. In this article, we will tell you about the most relevant trends in women's fashion that will help you prepare for the cold season.

Color Trends

Tie-Dye: Experimenting with Color and Style

The fashionable trend this winter is tie-dye, formed by patterns reminiscent of random paint strokes. From splattered paint on streetwear to full-length evening dresses – the choice is yours!

For a creative touch, create your own tie-dye pattern on a T-shirt or dress, adding carefree circles to your wardrobe in the most modern style.

Animal Prints: Wildlife Patterns Stay in Vogue

Don't miss the chance to stand out from the crowd with tiger, python, or leopard prints.

A tiger in black and red hues pairs well with leather trousers, while a python-patterned dress with vintage ruffles emphasizes your sophistication. Just choose your animalistic style!

Ultra Violet, Lemon, and Lime: Vibrant Shades for Parties and Everyday

Purple hues and bright lemon neon are among the fashion trends of 2023.

Flowing dresses, satin shirts, and luxurious cardigans will add sophistication to your look. Fearlessly combine lemon and lime with black, white, silver, or blue denim for visual brilliance.

Red Total Look: Fire of Passion in Every Detail

Dressing entirely in red is not only bold but also trendy.

Red jackets, skirts, and coats – everything you need for a passionate and fashionable look. Don't hesitate to experiment with shades and mix red with other colors for sophistication.

Diverse Checks: Classic with a Modern Twist

Checked coats and jackets are timeless classics that can be paired not only with dresses and trousers but also with jeans, sporty suits, and knit leggings.

Pay special attention to the argyle print, which fits perfectly into your preppy or office-style look.

Camouflage: From Military to Everyday

Camouflage is not limited to military style. This print is now seen on elegant coats, cozy fur coats, and even evening dresses.

Don't forget to pair it with black for a stylish and harmonious look.

Materials for Winter Clothing: Key Trends

Membrane Fabrics: Practicality and Style

Membrane fabrics allow the body to breathe, protecting from cold winds and moisture. They provide comfort and insulation, keeping your clothes dry. Our models made from membrane fabrics represent the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Artificial Fur: Eco-Friendliness and Creativity

Artificial fur is an excellent alternative to natural fur. Stylish coats with bright prints and patterns will emphasize your individuality.

Eco-friendliness and affordability are the key advantages of artificial fur.

Quilting and Leather: Textile and Leather in a New Light

Quilted jackets and dresses are not limited to casual looks – evening quilted dresses are now in trend.

Black leather is always in fashion, but don't forget to experiment with colors – deep blue, red, or camel color will add originality to your style.


Winter 2023-2024 continues to surprise us with new trends. Be bold in choosing colors and patterns, experiment with materials, and your look will become irresistible.