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Casual style for women and men in 2023. A guide to brands and trends.

Attention, casual style enthusiasts! Megahand presents a guide to the brands and trends of this unique style in 2023.


Casual style continues to be relevant and in demand in the world of fashion in 2023. This style, characterized by comfort, freedom, and ease, never ceases to amaze us with new interpretations. But casual is not just T-shirts and jeans. Let's explore together with Megahand which brands and trends define casual style this year.

For Her

Burberry – Iconic Style in a New Light

Burberry, known for its beige trench coats, has long outgrown stereotypes and presents entirely new exciting solutions in casual style. In the brand's collections, you can now find not only classic trench coats but also various shirts, T-shirts, relaxed suits, and much more. Burberry clothing is business-casual that fits into the image of the modern woman who values fashion and urban lifestyle.

Elisabetta Franchi – Elegance and Femininity

Elisabetta Franchi offers maximum femininity and elegance in casual style. There's no place here for distressed jeans and oversized sweaters. An Elisabetta Franchi woman is bold and determined yet romantic and sensual. The brand allows women to experiment and stay ahead in both business matters and the world of fashion.

Liu Jo – Comfortable Elegance

Liu Jo also emphasizes femininity in casual style. Their collections feature basic items such as minimalist trousers, tailored dresses, and moderately formal suits. This is an excellent choice for those seeking a middle ground between formal and sporty casual style. Bright accents and accessories add individuality to your outfits.

Max & Moi – Moderate Casualness and Simplicity

Max & Moi adheres to the principles of moderate casualness, simplicity, and the absence of stereotypes in casual style. Their clothing has a relaxed fit, a subdued palette, and subtle details. Maxi dresses and loose-fitting coats are some of the key trends this season, and Max & Moi is ready to offer you the best solutions.

Patrizia Pepe – Elegance and Minimalism

Patrizia Pepe offers outerwear for any occasion, basic dresses, tops with unique designs, and feminine skirts. The brand follows the philosophy of elegance and minimalism while adding bold feminine accents. Creating a casual style look in 2023 is easy: just get flared trousers, a loose shirt, and a trench coat in a trendy shade.

For Him

Aeronautica Militare: Military with Elegance

Aeronautica Militare is a brand that combines military style with urban romance. This Italian brand originated during World War II and initially specialized in creating jackets and flight suits for pilots. Today, Aeronautica Militare offers a variety of smart-casual clothing, including leather jackets, jeans, sweaters, shirts, and much more. The main colors of their collections are black, gray, olive, and blue. This brand represents a unique blend of military and urban fashion.

Dsquared2: Effortlessness and Creativity

Dsquared2 is a brand created by twin brothers in 1994. Their clothing is characterized by effortlessness, irony, and a touch of rebellion. In Dsquared2 collections, you'll find T-shirts with prints, unconventional jeans, plaid shirts, and other elements of street-casual style. The Dsquared2 brand strikes a balance between minimalism and rebellion, making it appealing to young and creative men.

Eleventy: Refined Luxury

Eleventy represents a versatile men's casual style that combines classic elements with retro touches. The brand's philosophy is described by the Italian concept "sprezzatura," or effortless elegance. It's the perfect choice for those who want to infuse a sense of ease into their formal wardrobe. In Eleventy's collections, you'll find autumn coats, elegant baseball caps, and much more to create impeccable looks.

Emporio Armani: Style for the Young

Emporio Armani is a line of everyday clothing for a young audience aged 18 to 35. Its collections feature current models of outerwear, denim, knitwear, and accessories. This brand will help you create the perfect basic men's wardrobe with sleek and stylish elements. You can choose straight-cut coats, jeans, and blazers to create a contemporary casual style.

Versace Jeans Couture: Bold and Eccentric Denim

Versace Jeans Couture offers denim that is bold and eccentric. In the brand's collections, you'll find striking designs with numerous prints, colors, and details, as well as more minimalist models. The collection includes not only jeans but also shirts, sweatshirts, bombers, athletic pants, and other elements of the casual wardrobe. Don't forget about footwear, where sneakers are an integral part of the casual style.


Casual style remains relevant and intriguing for both men and women in 2023. The featured brands offer various options for creating stylish looks in this direction.

Remember to keep an eye on new trends and experiment with your style. Casual style in 2023 provides plenty of opportunities for self-expression and creating unique looks.